Week Minded

As I write this, Arizona breweries are ramping up to Strong Beer Fest and the corresponding Arizona Beer Week.  I should be writing about any number of the tappings, collabs and events going on, but I am not going to. Perhaps after the events have passed, the dust has settled … I’ll write a recap of my experience. But, let’s be honest … this blog is not where you go for current news as it is primarily about perspective.  If I were going to write about Beer Week I would have had to start months ago! With proper planning I might have been have been privy to inside information on what breweries were brewing and maybe I could have put out something that was at the very least informative, if not entertaining. However, you can be sure it will be awhile before you read something exclusive here! Besides, all you have to do is go check Facebook or Instagram, by now most breweries have posted their itinerary for Beer Week.

So what am I going to write about? I ask myself that question every time I sit down in front of the computer. I tend to stick with one rule: What would I be interested in reading? It sounds simple enough but I have the attention span of a … Hey. Here is an exclusive:  I am getting a puppy!

Barley Va'li Puppington

If you are wondering how that is relevant to a beer blog well, his name is Barley so that makes him my Mascot and that I suppose is another exclusive. Sometimes these things just write themselves.

The real reason I am not writing about Strong Beer Fest and Beer Week right now … I have never participated in either event. I have heard of both and I was planning on going to Strong Beer last year but other plans got in the way. I honestly do not remember enough about past beer weeks to make any significant comments. I do know this:  There is too much beer and not enough money and time to have it all. Such a wonderful problem to have!

Another reason I am not writing prior to the events of this week is that there is just too much information. The amount of collaborations alone is a few weeks’ worth of writing. Is Dark Sky Brewing doing a collab with the entire valley? Every dream collaboration is happening this week, but again that information has been available since they started brewing a few weeks ago – you’d have to live under a rock not to know by now.

Can releases are already a budget breaker for me and Beer Week releases have the potential to wipe out the remainder of this year’s beer budget.  Let’s be honest that is usually spent by July anyway. Some breweries are doing can releases on the day of Strong Beer Fest, which means I will most likely miss those. Maybe our Lyft driver won’t mind stopping at a few breweries on the way.


What I look forward to the most is talking to people about beer.  For me, that is what makes any event notable – the people I meet. So, message me on Instagram, let me know what you have planned this week, for Strong Beer Fest and feel free to send me some suggestions on where to go for Beer Week, too! If I see you there I’ll buy you a beer. Also, be on the lookout for my 1000th post on Instagram. It might be something special or it just might be a picture of a beer. Who knows – I cannot even not write about something properly. Enjoy your hangover!

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