I assume that the majority of people start social media the same way I did. I spent twenty minutes trying to decide on a name of which 99% are already taken. Frustratingly, most settle for the first thing available or admit defeat, add an underscore and a number to the name … already taken. Sure there are those who are savvy enough to see long term, create a theme for their content and manage to create a unique username across multiple sites to match. So easy! Some take a little longer but are still able to find a theme, creative name and make a flawless transition. I am neither of those people.

When I decided to write a blog one of the first things I considered was changing my name on Instagram and Twitter to something beer related. Still, I hesitated as I wasn’t even sure blogging would be something I would stick with. A year ago I was posting about home improvement (mostly to show my wife that I was doing chores) so I just kept it as is.


When I revisited the idea of changing my name a second time, I gave up before I even started. Sure it easy to come up with a name – but, most are usually taken – and friends are no help – most of the names they come up with are taken by people I know! It’s really hard to be clever with the words: beer, craft, brew, hops or drink, drank, drunk (yes, @drinkdrankdrunk is taken). Any beer related names, especially when you’re late the craft beer trend like me, are taken and I hate puns so that style is out. Also, as I seriously considered changing my social media name … I didn’t want to because I realized that it was sentimental to me.

Watson P. Boswell.  Technically his name is Watson Pennyworth Boswell but Pennyworth is registered with the AKC and it can’t be used for a Beagle’s name unless your fancy and important, I guess. I don’t know, proper dog paperwork is confusing, annoying and all sorts of stupid.

It took me six months to come up for the name of my Beagle. I know I’m a bad person for getting him from a breeder, but, I also rescued a blind, epileptic beagle with an overbite so let’s call it even, okay? From the day I placed the deposit until about a week before he came home I stressed over this name and I must have went through a thousand different ones before I settled on the final version. Watson obviously comes from John H. Watson or Dr. Watson, assistant to Sherlock Holmes. Pennyworth is for Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s butler. Boswell is for James Boswell, a biographer whose name became a literary term for companion or observer. To come full circle, in a quote from A Scandal in Bohemia Sherlock Holmes says “I am lost without my Boswell,” in reference to Watson; Batman and Alfred share a similar dynamic. It’s the perfect dog name, and it also proves that I am a huge nerd.

When it came time to choose a name for social media it was obvious, Arrwoooo!
Why? Because in my head that was how I spelled the howl of a beagle. My genius never stops.

I really need a business card so I don’t have to try to howl out ARRWOOOO! To people I meet. I try to save all my howling for hockey games. It’s also embarrassing when I stutter like I don’t know what my name is —- Ha, yeah like I’m some big shot that has to talk about my social media all the time. So, for the time being I will keep my name but, if you can think of something better – and something that isn’t taken – I have a 16 oz/4 pack of Arizona craft beer with your name on it!


Baby Watson

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